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The Coles Supplier Portal helps support effective working relationships between Coles and our suppliers, providing better coordination and communication to help drive efficiencies along the supply chain..

The portal also helps our suppliers by providing information to assess their performance on a regular basis and identify opportunities of improvement along the value chain.

We work closely with suppliers to take effective measures towards continuous improvement and have discussions with suppliers about opportunities and areas for improvement.



26 March 2020

Dear Valued Supplier,


Thank you once again for your extraordinary support to Coles. It’s been incredible to see our suppliers step up to the challenge of meeting customers needs over the last few weeks. I’m personally grateful for your continued hard work and effort to supply our stores; because of you, Australians have been able to get their essential goods and services from Coles.

We have also implemented a number of measures to help ensure we are sustainably feeding all Australians:

  • Purchase limits applied to categories and products daily to do our best to ensure all customers have access to their daily needs.
  • Extended Coles Community Hour to improve access to essential groceries for all customers, including the elderly and disadvantaged, healthcare and emergency workers.
  • Changing our store hours to give our stores the time and space to replenish stock and allow us to extensively clean each store every night.
  • Temporarily suspending our change-of-mind refund policy to discourage over-purchasing.
  • Recruiting 5,000 additional casual team members to join our supermarkets across Australia so that we can serve more customers and replenish shelves faster.
  • Provisionally stopping the distribution of the Coles paper catalogue to households until the 1st April 2020. This will be replaced with a digital version of the catalogue at
  • Donating $1 million every week to our charity partners SecondBite and Foodbank to help our most vulnerable communities.
  • Refocusing Coles Online to deliver to elderly and vulnerable members of the community, including retirement and nursing homes.
  • Implementing social distance measures to support our customers and team members in store. In addition, we are also increasing the frequency of our already stringent cleaning procedures in stores.
  • Setting up Pop-Up DC’s around Australia to ensure we have stock flowing faster to stores.

During these unprecedented times, you have worked with us calmly, compassionately and collaboratively; and as the COVID-19 situation changes daily we need to ensure our businesses continue to keep open and swift lines of communication. We are here to help and want to work collaboratively to find solutions to meet our customers needs efficiently and effectively. If you have issues in manufacturing, options to optimise production, please talk to us. If you have issues in fulfilling order volumes, please talk to us. As always do, it is imperative that we work together and win together.

My sincerest thanks once again for the extraordinary work you are doing to support our customers during this time.

Best regards,


Greg Davis
Chief Executive - Commercial & Express


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