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The Coles Supplier Portal helps support effective working relationships between Coles and our suppliers, providing better coordination and communication to help drive efficiencies along the supply chain.

The portal also helps our suppliers by providing information to assess their performance on a regular basis and identify opportunities of improvement along the value chain.

We work closely with suppliers to take effective measures towards continuous improvement and have discussions with suppliers about opportunities and areas for improvement.


Urgent update re: phishing email to suppliers


Please be aware that some of our suppliers have received a phishing email designed to look like it has been issued by Coles. 


The email includes a Coles employee signature and an invoice attachment (example below).  


If you receive one of these emails please be aware: 

  • The email did not come from Coles
  • Do not open the attachment or click any links
  • Delete the email
  • Coles internal systems have not been compromised. The emails are being sent to a range of companies in the hope that they are a supplier of Coles





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