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Quality - All Coles Brand Suppliers

We are a passionate team based at the Coles Store Support office in Tooronga, Victoria. Our Product Technologists and support specialists cover many functional areas including Supplier Performance, Policy & Legislation and System Administration (Coles Fusion) and work closely and collaboratively with suppliers to ensure success.


We look forward to your ongoing commitment and support as we continue to grow and develop our brand together.


Coles Brand

Coles Brands suppliers are defined as any supplier who

  • Provides a product which is manufactured and packed with a brand owned by Coles.
  • Supplies product manufactured outside of Australia where Coles is listed on the address panel as the importer (even if the Brand is not owned by Coles).
  • Supplies bulk products or fresh produce which is sold loose and/or unbranded in a display case or open carton (such as fresh produce or loose bread rolls) or packed in returnable plastic crates provided by Coles.
  • Supplies bulk products which are packaged at store without any proprietary brand displayed on the label (such as bulk olives or sliced meats which are sold and packaged over the service deli counter.).
  • Supplies ingredients and/or raw materials for Coles’ in-store bakeries or meat rooms.

In this section

In this section of the Supplier Website we provide information on our Quality Brand Standards, Product Specifications, Policies and Guidelines and Supplier Audit Requirements.

If your queries are not answered by the content in this section, please feel free to contact us, details below


Coles Brand packaging artwork costs

All prospective Coles Brand suppliers are notified of expected packaging artwork costs via the Expression of Interest package sent by Coles prior to a tender process.

For all new and existing packaging artwork a Coles Brand Team Member (Product Developer or Technician) will contact the supplier via email to agree applicable artwork costs.

Once a tender is complete and an agreement has been negotiated, the agreed packaging artwork costs will be reflected in the contract sent from Coles Category Manager to the supplier.

For your information Coles base packaging artwork rate card can be found here



For further information please contact your Coles Product Technologist direct, or e-mail us at: Coles.QC@coles.com.au