Product Ranging and Promotions

Product Ranging and Promotions Policies

Country of Origin

To be compliant with the country of origin food labelling standard, Coles requires the following from all food suppliers:

1.   country of origin information for priority and non-priority food items, and

2.   compliant product package images.

With your information and images, we can present it to our customers in-store, online and on our marketing materials.

Our ability to range your products will be dependent on us having your information and images in advance of the government’s mandatory deadline of 1 July 2018.

How do I provide country of origin information to Coles?

National Product Catalogue (NPC)

Supplier subscribed to NPC should log in to NPC and populate the country of origin fields.

Refer to the Quick Start Guide to entering country of origin information in the NPC to help you or contact the NPC Customer Support Team by emailing


Training is also available. Refer to the GS1 training and events page and search for “country of origin” or the online training page for general assistance with using NPC.


If you use a middleware provider, contact your provider.


Coles Product Catalogue (CPC)

All food suppliers not subscribed to NPC will use CPC to provide product information (such as price, dimensions and country of origin) to Coles.

To register for CPC, start by selecting a date from the Supplier Portal > Administration.

The information you provide into CPC will flow automatically and accurately into our internal systems. This will minimise the risk of error through manual interventions.


For more information on CPC, refer to our supplier letter (October 2017) and updated FAQs (January 2018).


If you need support using CPC, refer to the resources available from Supplier Portal > Electronic Trading > Coles Product Catalogue or contact CPC Support Team at

If you are experiencing issues with logging into the Supplier Portal, contact


How do I provide images to Coles?

Suppliers must provide Coles with up-to-date, compliant product package images via an approved image service.


If you require support with images, contact your image service provider.



Grocery Code

The Food and Grocery Code of Conduct (Grocery Code) outlines specific requirements in relation to product ranging, promotions, intellectual property and confidentiality. These policies and procedure apply to Coles Supermarkets and Coles Express.

Product Ranging and Delisting Policy

This policy provides an overview of the guiding principles Coles uses in relation to product ranging, shelf space and delisting to ensure fair decision making.

Product Ranging and Delisting Policy

Promotions Policy

This policy provides an overview of the guiding principles Coles uses in planning promotions, funding and documentation of agreements made from time to time between Coles and our suppliers.

Promotions Policy and Procedure


Promotional Advice Form - PAF

The following link will provide Suppliers with the most up to date Promotional Advice Form (PAF) to be submitted to the Coles Category Manager, for confirming promotional activity.

Promotional Advice Form (PAF)


Intellectual Property Policy and Procedure

Coles treats its suppliers intellectual property with respect.

We will initiate Intellectual Property or licensing discussions as part of the product development process. Similarly, Coles may clarify intellectual property rights with suppliers to ensure Coles understands any limits on its ability to produce, supply and sell products developed in conjunction with our suppliers.

Your Category Manager or Coles Product Technologist is responsible for managing intellectual property discussions and issues with suppliers.

Terms around intellectual property are normally recorded in an Intellectual Property Agreement (entered into on or prior to development of Coles Brand products).

Confidentiality Policy and Procedure

We understand that both Coles and our suppliers operate in a highly competitive market where protection of commercially sensitive information is critical to business success. Information itself is a business asset and like physical assets, information must be safeguarded.

As required by law, Coles has processes and policies in place to ensure our suppliers confidential information as well as Coles confidential information remains confidential.

Coles will only use suppliers confidential information for the purpose for which it was disclosed and will only disclose it to employees and agents who require the information in connection with the purpose for which it was disclosed.

Shelf Ready Packaging

Shelf Ready Packaging Guide.

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