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Food and Grocery Code of Conduct

Please contact Coles Grocery Code Compliance Manager if you have any concerns you would like to be resolved under the Food and Grocery Code of Conduct.


Marnee Nugent

Grocery Code Compliance Manager

03 9829 3843


Coles Supplier Charter

Coles is committed to supporting our merchandise suppliers so that they can grow their business alongside us and continue to deliver great products for our customers. We recognise the importance of building strong, collaborative and wherever possible, long-term partnerships with our merchandise suppliers. To underpin our commitment we have launched the Coles Supplier Charter which sets out what merchandise suppliers can expect when they work with Coles. It is a formal commitment to deal in good faith with our merchandise suppliers, treating them with respect and providing greater transparency throughout the relationship.

Coles will conduct all its dealings with merchandise suppliers in accordance with the Coles Supplier Charter.  The procedure set out in the Coles Complaints Handling Procedures will be available to all merchandise suppliers in addition to the dispute resolution provisions set out in the current supply arrangements (including Terms and Conditions for Supply of Goods) with Coles.

  1. 1. Commitment to good faith dealings and transparent commercial processes
    • We will negotiate in good faith.
    • We will conduct transparent and reasonable commercial processes.
  2. 2. Commitment to transparent grocery supply agreements
    • We will operate within the agreed terms and respect the spirit of each grocery supply agreement and commercial relationship.
    • We will ensure all grocery supply agreements are recorded in writing, with clear, unambiguous and concise terms.
    • We will make sure all grocery supply agreements are readily accessible by both parties.
  3. 3. Commitment to the terms of grocery supply agreements
    • We will not vary a grocery supply agreement without supplier consent, unless provided for in the grocery supply agreement.
    • We will give reasonable notice of changes to supply arrangements.

  4. 4. Commitment to transparency around ranging and de-listing
    • We have developed and shared our Product Ranging and Shelf-Allocation Principles on our Supplier Portal.
    • We will apply the product ranging and shelf-allocation principles without discrimination in favour of own brand products.
    • We will provide written notice of ranging criteria for range reviews.
    • We will provide reasons for, and reasonable notice of, de-listing and changes to distribution to all suppliers.
    • We will guarantee that ranging and de-listing decisions are, on request by suppliers, referred to senior managers within Coles for review.
  5. 5. Commitment to respect the integrity of suppliers’ businesses
    • We will respect every supplier’s intellectual property rights.
    • We will ensure that we do not infringe suppliers’ intellectual property rights.
    • We will ensure that suppliers’ confidential information is appropriately protected.
  6. 6. Commitment to facilitating our trading relationships
    • We will pay for goods delivered and accepted in accordance with the relevant grocery supply agreement on time and in full.
    • We will resolve payment disputes promptly.
    • We will ensure that Coles’ product quality specifications and standards are clear and unambiguous.
    • We will ensure that Coles’ labelling and packaging requirements are clear and unambiguous.
  7. 7. Commitment to fast-track, low-cost supplier dispute resolution procedure
    • We will provide three alternative procedures for complaint resolution, including:
      a) direct referral to the Dispute Resolution Manager; and/or
      b) internal review and referral through senior management; and/or
      c) referral to an Independent Arbiter.
    • We will not disadvantage or treat adversely any supplier who relies, or seeks to rely, on the dispute resolution procedure.

    The Coles Complaints Handling Procedures sets out the process for resolving any disputes arising under the Supplier Charter that merchandise suppliers may have with Coles. The Procedure can be found on the Coles Supplier Portal at Complaints Handling Procedures

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