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The Coles Supplier Portal helps support effective working relationships between Coles and our suppliers, providing better coordination and communication to help drive efficiencies along the supply chain.

The portal also helps our suppliers by providing information to assess their performance on a regular basis and identify opportunities of improvement along the value chain.

We work closely with suppliers to take effective measures towards continuous improvement and have discussions with suppliers about opportunities and areas for improvement. 


Introduction of the Coles Supplier Charter – building better relationships with suppliers (06/08/2014)


We’re committed to supporting our suppliers so they can grow their business alongside ours and continue to deliver great products for our customers. It’s important that we continue to build strong, collaborative and wherever possible, long-term partnerships which help our suppliers to plan and invest in the future.

To strengthen this commitment we have today launched the Coles Supplier Charter which sets out what merchandise suppliers can expect when they work with Coles. It’s our formal commitment to deal in good faith, treating our suppliers with respect and providing greater transparency throughout the relationship.



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